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Boynton Beach Vascular Doctors Publish an Overview of the Types of Vein Disease

September 26th, 2014. Boynton Beach, FL. South Palm Cardiovascular Associates is publishing a new article in which they present an overview of the different types of vein diseases. According to the Boynton Beach-based center, when most people think of vein disease, they only think about varicose veins, and there are other forms of vein disease that are much more serious, and that they should know about.

The directors of South Palm Cardiovascular Associates, say, “There are worse forms of vein disease, such as deep vein thrombosis, in which blood clots form in the veins of your legs. The symptoms of DVT are not visible like varicose veins, but these blood clots are more serious, because If they travel to the brain they can cause a stroke, and if they travel to the lungs they can cause a pulmonary embolism. The latter complication of DVT is so common that it kills over 300,000 Americans every year.” In the article, these Boynton Beach vein experts explain a number of common vein disease conditions, and the possible impact they can have on your health.
These Boynton Beach vascular doctors feel that if the general public knows more about the potential seriousness of vein disease, they will be more interested in seeing a vein specialist to make sure they don’t have it. Interested readers can find more information about this and other vein health topics at:

Cardiovascular Treatment Options

Heart and cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of death in the United States today—responsible for about one in four deaths, or 600,000 people per year. While traditional approaches to cardiovascular health tend to focus on a single symptom or condition, South Palm Cardiovascular doctors treat the whole patient instead of just treating a condition.

South Palm Cardiovascular Associates cardiologists are dedicated heart specialists, expert at diagnosing and treating disorders of the heart, arteries, and veins. We provide a full range of diagnostic and treatment services in a comfortable and inviting Boynton Beach office, including EKG, stress tests, nuclear stress tests, pacemakers, tilt table testing, catheterization, angiography, stenting, PFO closure, vascular testing, minimally invasive vein treatments and Doppler ultrasound. The technology used is state-of-the-art, and our team of support providers and staff is dedicated to making every visit of every patient a pleasant, productive experience.

About South Palm Cardiovascular Associates

South Palm Cardiovascular Associates is Boynton Beach’s premier center for cardiovascular care. Their team of dedicated experts prides itself on setting the standard for excellence in cardiac and cardiovascular care. SPCVA success in providing leading-edge cardiac and cardiovascular care starts with our two lead physicians, both recognized experts in their fields.

With extensive experience using the latest technology and most advanced procedures, South Palm Cardiovascular doctors enable patients to achieve optimal health while fostering caring, personal relationships that last for years.

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