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Catheter Assisted Thrombolysis (EKOS)


If your vascular doctor at South Palm Cardiovascular Associates detects a blood clot such as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or Pulmonary Embolus, one may be a candidate for the state of the art catheter-based therapy to treat the problem.

During catheter-assisted thrombolysis treatment, a catheter is guided through blood vessels to the location of the blood clot. The catheter will deliver special clot-dissolving medicine called thrombolytics to help dissolve the clot. This new device, called Ekos, will also deliver simultaneously ultrasound energy to mechanically dislodge and loosen up the clot to enable lower and safer doses of the thrombolytic drugs to be used.

The vascular specialists at our Boynton Beach vein clinic, an integral part of South Palm Cardiovascular Associate were the first group to perform catheter assisted thrombolytic therapy for Pulmonary embolus at both Delray Medical Center and Bethesda Memorial Hospitals.

Acute treatment of pulmonary embolus is an exciting novel treatment arena for cardiovascular disease and SPCVA physicians are thrilled to be at the forefront of this area of treatment at our hospitals. This is another example of SPCVA continuing to stay on the cutting edge of technology and literature to deliver high quality and compassionate care to all of our patients including those critically ill in the hospital as well as our stable outpatients.



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