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Initial Consultation and Examination


Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Testing | Invasive Cardiac Procedures

At South Palm Cardiovascular Associates, our dedicated team of Delray and Boynton Beach’s top cardiologists will begin providing you with excellent cardiac care as soon as you walk through the door for your first visit. As a new patient, your first appointment will begin with an initial consultation and examination.

Your initial consultation and exam will registration and insurance paperwork with the reception staff. This will be followed by obtaining your complete medical history, reviewing the reason for your vistit (active symptoms/problems or are you just ‘establishing a relationship with a cardiologist’). This will be followed by a thorough physical examination, and clear presentation of an asessment and plan unique to you and your problems. All questions will be clearly answered, and the visit will not end until a clear understand of issues is expressed by you. Our goal at SPCVA is to offer continuing educational opportunities with each visit—to increase your understanding of your own cardiovascular condition and treatment plan.

From your very first visit, we aim to provide the best cardiac care possible while easing any anxiety that may exist about ‘being in a cardiologist’s office’ for the first time. Our goal is to ensure that every visit you make to our Boynton Beach cardiovascular center is an extremely positive experience. Take your first step toward a healthier, more comfortable and active life with our team of quality professionals at SPCVA




Initial Consultation



Holter Monitor


Holter Monitor Recording

Exercise Stress Test


Nuclear Stress Testing

Pacemaker / ICD Clinic


Coumadin / PT Clinic

Tilt Table Testing


Advanced Lipid Testing

Diagnostic Cardiac Catheterization


Right Heart Catheterization & Vasodilator Studies

Transradial Catheterization


Cardiac Catheterization



PFO Closure

Mitral Valvularplasty


Aortic Valvuloplasty

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