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Electrical Cardioversion


Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Testing | Invasive Cardiac Procedures

If you are experiencing atrial fibrillation that is long-term and has not responded to other methods of treatment you may be a candidate for Electrical Cardioversion. This procedure may also be recommended if the fibrillation is occurring to the extent that it is a medical emergency (accompanied by extremely low blood pressure, chest pain, or heart failure).

During cardioversion, a low-voltage electric current is used to reset the rhythmic beat of your heart back to its normal sinus rhythm, or normal beat pattern. You will receive medication to control pain and relax you before the procedure. Then the current will be applied via metal paddles or patches on your chest.

After the treatment, your cardiologist may extend your optimal cardiac care with an anticoagulant medication for a few weeks or so, depending on how long you had been experiencing fibrillation and your doctor’s assessment of your risk for blood clots and/or stroke. You may also be prescribed other medications to prevent the atrial fibrillation from recurring.

If you receive this procedure, your skillful South Palm Cardiovascular Associates cardiologist will discuss the treatment method, options, and possible after-effects with you, and answer any questions you may have. He will then talk to you about your results, and recommend any needed treatment or follow-up testing.




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