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Risk Factor & Consequences


There are a variety of different risk factors for vein disease. If a patient has previously had a blood clot in the leg veins, there will be a subsequent higher risk of developing vein disease. Other vein problems may be caused by injury or trauma to the legs, surgery, some medications, as well as genetics (“I have my mother’s legs…”)

The incidence of vein problems also increases with age. Smoking interferes with circulation and can exacerbate vein problems, as can too little physical exercise. Taller people also have a higher risk of vein disease, simply because the blood has to travel a longer distance back to the heart. Without treatment, vein disease may develop into dangerous conditions, including chronic venous insufficiency with inflammation of the skin and/or poorly healing wounds and ulcers.

If you have symptoms of venous disease, or are at risk of developing vein problems, it is important that you don’t delay seeking appropriate care. At South Palm Cardiovascular Associates we will promptly schedule your initial consultation and evaluation with one of our experienced vein disease experts, so contact us today—before the problem becomes worse.



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