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Holter and Event Monitor


Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Testing | Invasive Cardiac Procedures

When a patient is suspected of having electrical issues with the heart – also known as arrhythmias – we need a way to record the hearts electrical activity for a prolonged period of time. The ECG done in the office is a single snapshot of 3-5 seconds of cardiac activity. Often we need means to have ECG recording the heart’s electrical activity while someone is having symptoms of the heart racing or beating strongly (palpitations), or to monitor the efficacy of certain medications.

We have various types of simple ECG monitoring devices such as a Holter monitor which can be worn for 24 hours, and returned to the office as a patient goes about their normal activities and all the heartbeats are recorded and analyzed. This is not too helpful if someone does not have the symptoms in question during those 24 hours. Therefore, we have devices to be worn for up to 30 days, called an event recorder. This device comes with an activation device so that the patient can signal the device to record an ECG at the time of palpitations.

At the time of connecting the device, our staff will attach electrodes to your chest, show you how to wear the connected recording device, and answer any questions you might have. You will need to take notes and keep track of your activities and any symptoms you experience during monitoring, but you do not need to change your normal routines. Your monitor can be worn on a strap or belt, with the wires under your clothing

When you return to South Palm Cardiovascular Associates after monitoring, your heart specialist will carefully review the data. He will then take the time to personally discuss the results with you and, if needed, the possible treatment plan he recommends




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