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Similar to atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries, some people may manifest excessive calcium deposition of the atherosclerotic plaque of the lower extremities. These calcified lesions are extremely hard (like bone or teeth) and can be treated successfully with angioplasty or stenting. These lesions need ‘modification’ to debulk the calcified segments.

Lesion modification of calcified lesions can be achieved via ‘atherectomy’. Atherectomy can be done by rotational atherectomy where a diamond-tipped drill is used to shave the lesion. Alternatively, atherectomy may be performed with a laser catheter. Laser atherectomy delivers heat energy to the lesion to essentially ‘melt’ it. Both modalities of atherectomy serve to debulk the lesions to make them more amenable to angioplasty & stenting, or often atherectomy may provide a stand-alone result that does not require any additional treatment.

The South Palm Cardiovascular Associates team is devoted to delivering superior care for our patients diagnosed with PAD. Our vascular specialists have years of experience performing atherectomy for the treatment of PAD, and our patients enjoy extremely positive outcomes. If your doctor recommends atherectomy to treat your PAD, you will receive treatment from the convenience of our Boynton Beach, FL office



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