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Carotid Stenting


The carotid arteries are the major source of blood flow to the brain. Atherosclerotic plaque can accumulate within these vessels, and when progressive can lead to life-altering events called cerebrovascular accidents (CVAs) including Transient Ischemic Attack (“TIA”) or a more devastating event like a stroke.

If a carotid angiogram determines a lesion requires treatment, your SPCVA physician will discuss with you treatment options including medical therapy, carotid surgery (also called carotid endarterectomy), or carotid stenting.

Carotid stenting entails precisely placed equipment to deliver a metal tube to displace the blockage and serve as a scaffold to keep the vessel open. This is done with a carefully placed filter downstream from the lesion to catch any debris from breaking away and causing harm during the procedure.

Carotid stenting has been a highly researched procedure over the last 10 years, and now coming into its own as a standard means of treating carotid disease and stroke prevention. SPCA physicians are highly trained, up to date, and experienced in carotid stenting, and will speak with you extensively about your individualized condition and optimal treatment plan.



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