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Lower Extremity Arterial Doppler


Blood flow in the lower extremities (the legs) is often affected by peripheral arterial disease. If your cardiovascular specialist suspects blood flow in your legs may be abnormal, he may assess your condition with arterial Doppler ultrasound. Your doctor at South Palm Cardiovascular Associates may use this test to detect and diagnose conditions including arteriosclerosis (plaque buildup in the arteries that causes peripheral arterial disease), deep vein thrombosis, venous insufficiency, or to evaluate injuries to the arteries.

Lower extremity arterial Doppler testing is noninvasive and painless. Using ultrasound technology and blood pressure cuffs, your doctor will be able to detect any narrowed or blocked blood vessels, as well as any arteries that have abnormal blood flow.

If your test results show abnormalities, including indicating the presence of PAD, your vascular doctor will be able to recommend appropriate follow-up care and treatment. Lower extremity arterial Doppler testing and PAD treatment are provided right at our Boynton Beach cardiovascular center, so you can get the best vascular care in a comfortable, convenient location.


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