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Exercise Stress Test


Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Testing | Invasive Cardiac Procedures

When a patient is suspected of having Coronary Artery Diseae (CAD) usually following a discussion of having chest pains or breathing problems, an Exercise Stress Test may be ordered.

The purpose of an Exercise Stress Test is to have a patient walk on a treadmill with a standard protocol of speed and incline changes every 3 minutes. The pulse and BP are continuously monitored, as is the hearts electrical activity via an ECG. As exercise ensues, the patient is questioned for the development of symptoms like chest pains. If someone truly has a significant blocked artery, then the heart tissue suffering will be ischemic –meaning deficient of blood – and chest pain occurs. Ischemic heart tissue with subsequently develop abnormalities in its electrical activity that will be manifested with changes during the ECG as exercise is continuing.

When you have a stress test scheduled, our staff will advise you to refrain from eating or drinking the morning of the test. Certain medications can be taken, and others may be advised to be held the morning of the test. You will need to wear light, comfortable clothing and comfortable walking shoes. Electrode patches will be applied to your arms, legs, and chest, and you will wear a blood pressure cuff to constantly monitor your blood pressure. While there is some prep and waiting time in the office, the actual testing time generally takes around 10 minutes. Results may be provided by the doctor during the study, or more often will be delivered by a phone call from the office within a few days. Obviously, critically abnormal studies are reconciled promptly.




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