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Causes & Symptoms


Vein disease can have many causes and contributing factors. These range from genetics (a family history of vein problems), to lifestyle factors. Weight gain from obesity or pregnancy can cause vein problems to develop or worsen, as can long periods of standing or sitting. This includes immobility from illness or injury over an extended period of time. Weakened leg muscles often lead to venous insufficiency, as the muscles do not contract strongly enough to squeeze blood through the veins on its journey back to the heart.

Symptoms of vein disease range from aching or burning pain in the legs to visible ropy veins and skin discoloration or breakdown. Patients may also experience leg cramping and edema (swelling) of the legs as fluid accumulates from insufficient circulation.

Our vascular specialists use a variety of innovative treatments to promote optimal outcomes in our South Palm Cardiovascular Associates patients. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of vein disease, don’t hesitate to seek help from our respected Boynton Beach vein clinic.



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