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Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Testing | Invasive Cardiac Procedures

Cardiologist Heart Doctor in Palm Beach, Florida

Cardiovascular death is the number one cause of death in the USA—responsible for about one in four deaths, or 600,000 people per year. Since the early 1990s, there has been nearly a 30% decline in cardiovascular mortality attributable to better acute care procedures for patients having heart attacks, as well as advances in medical therapy to prevent recurrent events in those who have already had an event. Despite this incredible decline in mortality over the prior 20+ years, it still ranks # 1 however. Therefore the importance of excellent Cardiac physicians caring for you can not be overstated to both prevent and treat Cardiac diseases.

The heart is a complex machine whose main function is to pump oxygen rich blood throughout the body. It is actually a muscle which squeezes the blood through the arteries which each contraction. There are several crucial elements to the heart’s pumping function:

  • These include the muscle tissue itself which squeezes thousands of times per day. As a muscle, there is a dependence on oxygen to execute its mechanical contraction to squeeze the blood
  • The coronary arteries are responsible for a continuous supply of oxygen rich blood to the muscle so that it can pump thousands of times each day without interruption
  • There are 4 compartments within the heart – called chambers. Each chamber has a unique role in circulating the blood through the pump to both the lungs in order to get oxygen, as well as to the rest of the body. Each of these chambers are separated from the other by complex pieces of tissue called valves. These valves are vital to form competent ‘seals’ to assure the pump can work as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • The pump depends upon electrical impulses to trigger the pumping. Therefore, there are actually complex electrical ‘networks of wiring’ associated with each of the chambers to help deliver the signals thousands of times each day

Given the above brief synopsis of the elements of the heart, it should be noted that there can be pathology (disease states) that can involve any or potentially all of these components as people get older and suffer with other diseases (like diabetes, hypertension etc). Furthermore, often dysfunction of one of the above elements will invariable lead to dysfunction of the other elements.

South Palm Cardiovascular Associates is a team of well trained cardiologists that is extremely dedicated to thoroughly examining patients, making an accurate diagnosis, and executing effective treatment plans. Our group is unique not just because of the clinical talent, but because we value the doctor-patient relationship. We encourage excellent communication between patients, physicians, and staff. In fact, doctor translated from Latin means to teach. We believe that well-informed patients can participate and contribute greatly to their own treatment plan. We strive to incorporate patient education into all of our interactions to enhance your understanding of your cardiovascular health and subsequent treatment options.

Come experience a team of physicians who believes that if one really wants to know what ails a patient, we simply need to ask them questions, and carefully listen to the answers – the patients will say what is wrong with them. We will then use ancillary testing and procedures to confirm these findings.

SPCVA has 2 locations: In West Boynton Beach just off the Florida Turnpike at Woolbright & Jog Road; and in East Boynton Beach on Federal Highway, just north of Woolbright Road. The physicians of SPCVA have priviliges at JFK Hospital, Bethesda Memorial Hospital East & West, Delray Medical Center, and Boca Raton Regional Hospital




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