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At South Palm Cardiovascular Associates, we stay current on the latest improvements in vein care in order to provide our patients with the most effective treatments available. We are pleased to be able to offer one of the most advanced spider vein treatments currently available, the VeinGogh system.

The VeinGogh vein treatment system uses “Ohmic Thermolysis,” a process of selective thermo-coagulation. Eliminating the skin trauma that can be caused by traditional lasers, the VeinGogh insulated microprobe delivers brief high-frequency bursts of electrical energy directly onto the surface of problematic veins. External skin layers are not affected at all as the VeinGogh treatment coagulates the blood and collapses vessel walls. VeinGogh leaves no visible scars, and is recommended even for veins that have proved resistant to other treatment methods.

If you are a good candidate for VeinGogh treatment, your Boynton Beach vascular specialist will answer all your questions about this revolutionary new therapy. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.




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