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Home Monitoring Specialist

South Palm Cardiovascular Associates

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When you have ongoing heart issues that need close monitoring, the specialists at South Palm Cardiovascular Associates in Delray Beach, Florida, can help. The physicians use state-of-the-art home monitoring technology that records information about your heart and sends it to the cardiology team. Home monitoring reduces your risk for heart attack and other serious complications following surgery or during your treatment for heart issues. To find out if you’re a candidate for home monitoring services, call South Palm Cardiovascular Associates or request a consultation online today.

Home Monitoring Q & A

What is involved in home monitoring?

The South Palm Cardiovascular Associates team offers home monitoring if you’re at high risk for cardiology complications during treatment or after a surgery.

Your provider implants a device into your body that records important information about your heart. The device sends this information directly to the practice for real-time monitoring of your condition.

The goal of home monitoring is to prevent serious coronary issues from occurring while you’re at home and allows the team to carefully monitor your overall health, even when you’re not in the office.

How does the monitoring device work?

The implantable cardiac monitor is a small device that records vital information about your heart’s function, including the electrical signals it produces. You push a button to start the recording when you experience unusual symptoms, such as when you feel dizzy.

The South Palm Cardiovascular Associates providers place the monitoring device just under the surface of your skin in your chest through a small incision. This is a minor, in-office procedure and requires no extended recovery time. 

There are no wires to deal with or interfere with your activities. You can go about your usual routine without any limitations while using the monitoring device.

If the device transmits information to the team that indicates a potential heart issue, your provider may request you go to the emergency room or call 911 for assistance.

What are the benefits of home monitoring?

By allowing the South Palm Cardiovascular Associates team the opportunity to carefully monitor your heart function at all times, you can reduce your risk for serious complications, including heart attacks and premature death.

The implantable device ensures the cardiology team has the information they need about your heart health at all hours of the day without you needing to travel to the office. You also benefit because you can expect to need fewer in-office visits while still getting consistent, high-quality care.

With monitoring in place following a heart surgery, you may be able to go home sooner than you might without home monitoring.

To learn more about the benefits of home monitoring, schedule a consultation by calling South Palm Cardiovascular Associates or requesting an appointment online today.