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Carotid Doppler


A carotid Doppler, or carotid ultrasound, test is used to evaluate the health of the carotid arteries in the head and neck. Assessing blood flow in the carotid arteries is important since a blocked or narrowed artery will reduce the supply of oxygen-rich blood that reaches the brain. A disruption in blood flow to the brain can cause a stroke, which may even be fatal.

Your doctor at South Palm Cardiovascular Associates may therefore use a carotid Doppler test to examine the movement of blood through your carotid arteries, as well as look for any signs of blockages or plaque buildup. This noninvasive test is painless and harmless.

If your test reveals plaque buildup in the carotid arteries, a condition known as carotid artery disease, or other abnormalities in blood flow or vessel structure, he may recommend additional testing before developing a targeted treatment plan. With access to our leading vascular specialists and the latest technology, you can be sure you’ll receive the best vascular and cardiac care in Boynton Beach, FL.



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