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Cosmetic Sclerotherapy


One minimally invasive yet very effective treatment for either varicose or spider veins is sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is often used cosmetically, as well as for symptomatic varicose veins that are causing leg pain, swelling, or cramping.

Your vein specialist at South Palm Cardiovascular Associates will evaluate your medical history and symptoms, and make a joint treatment decision with you about whether sclerotherapy is the right choice. SPCVA physicians will perform either chemical sclerotherapy, or treatment with radiofrequency ablation delivered through a tiny needle. Both these approaches will cause the damaged vein to collapse, and blood flow will be diverted into nearby healthy veins. Eventually, without blood flow, the treated vein will turn to scar tissue and disappear in a few weeks.

We ask people not shave their legs nor apply any lotion the day of a sclerotherapy treatment. The experience is highlighted by many small needle pinches which are generally well tolerated. Treatment sessions typically fun 35-40 minutes. Afterwards, instructions are reviewed with the patient, highlighting the importance of 5 days of compression stockings will be recommended after a treatment session.

Since our South Palm Cardiovascular Associates’ expert vein care team includes top vascular specialists with extensive experience performing sclerotherapy, your treatment will be safe, comfortable, and effective. You will be able to quickly return to your daily routine—most patients resume normal activities on the same day as their treatment—while enjoying your healthier, more attractive legs



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