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Conservative Treatment


Vein Removal in Boynton Beach, Florida

At South Palm Cardiovascular Associates, our doctors always consider conservative treatments as a first-line approach. That means that, whenever possible, the Boynton Beach vein specialists at our vein clinic will always recommend a trial of conservative, non-invasive measures to treat someone’s symptomatic vein disease.

Exercise, weight reduction and maintenance, and a higher level of activity that avoids prolonged sitting and standing are all healthy lifelong habits that help to reduce the risk of developing vein disease, including conditions like varicose veins and spider veins. If vein disease has already developed, the next line of treatment your doctor will likely recommend is wearing compression stockings. Often these tight-fitting stockings will prevent vein disease from worsening if worn all day, by keeping blood from pooling in the legs. Your doctor may prescribe particular stockings for you to purchase usually from a surgical supply store.

Conservative treatment for vein disorders can help to control symptoms and promote overall vascular health. However, if conservative treatments aren’t enough to address your vein problems, your cardiovascular doctor at SPCVA will recommend other, more advanced therapies to effectively treat your condition and relieve your symptoms.



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