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Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)


Non-Invasive Cardiovascular Testing | Invasive Cardiac Procedures

An electrocardiogram (aka “ECG” or “EKG”) is a simple non invasive test to essentially take an electrical assessment of your heart. Skilled cardiologists can garner a lot of information from an ECG. Each person’s heart has a unique “electrical fingerprint,” and we can use the ECG to detect abnormalities not just with the electrical activity of your heart, such as heart rhythm disorders, but the ECG can tell us if your heart is enlarged, strong, weak, or damaged. Furthermore, there are other non cardiac medical abnormalities which can be detected on an ECG.

There is no preparation necessary for an ECG, and it is quick, inexpensive, and painless. During the procedure, small patches are attached to the patient’s arms, legs, and chest, and the patient will simply lie still and breathe normally during the procedure, while the machinery records heart activity.





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