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Nuclear Stress Test


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Traditionally, a ‘plain treadmill stress test’ is limited by false positive results and false negative, thereby reducing its sensitivity and specificity for an accurate diagnosis. By integrating some imaging technology of the heart in addition to the ECG monitoring with a stress test, we can greatly augment the sensitivity and specificity (i.e improving our accuracy).

A nuclear stress test can entail 2 different types of stress on the heart. Most commonly is an excercsie protocol on a treadmill (as discussed in prior section – can we make a link to prior stress section here). However, if people have medical reasons precluding exercise, example severe orthopedic issues or pulmonary issues we can use a pharmacologic stress protocol where a drug (called Lexiscan) is infused through an IV to simulate stress on the heart and produce a very accurate result.

Regardless of the mode of stress, a nuclear isotope will be injected through an IV both before the stress protocol, and you will be placed under a camera to take pictures of the distribution of the nuclear isotope throughout the heart tissue. These images will be compared to separate set of images acquired at rest to determine the status of blood flow through the heart. It is the comparison of both the stress and rest images that enable the physicians to determine the status of blood flow through the coronary arteries.

One of our leading cardiologists will compare the two sets of images and consult with you about the results and any possible treatment needed. Our patient-focused care at South Palm Cardiovascular Associates always strives to provide safe, effective nuclear stress testing with your comfort and peace of mind as a top priority.




Nuclear Stress Testing


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