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Delray Beach Cardiologists Explain How to Find the Right Cardiologist for You

Many people who are looking for a cardiologist are doing so after their personal physician has expressed concerns that they may have a non-urgent heart problem. In most cases, when general practitioners make such recommendations, they refer the patient to trusted DelRay Beach cardiologists whom they know personally, and such recommendations should always be taken into consideration.

However, there are sometimes other factors to be considered. You may wish to find a cardiologist whose offices are closer to where you live, or because you wish to find a doctor you can better relate to personally. So, even if you have a referral from your personal physician, it’s important to do your own research and find the cardiologist who is right for you. Here are a few tips to help you do that.

Factors to keep in mind when look for a cardiologist

• Location, location, location. Yes, we know…that’s what they say is the most important factor in real estate, but it’s important when looking for a heart specialist as well. If you have a heart problem, your cardiologist is going to be the person who will guide you through your treatment and monitor your progress, so you’ll be seeing them often. If you know that your condition is going to require tests at a hospital, you should also know which hospitals the cardiologist is associated with, and know whether they accept your insurance.

• Credentials and experience. All cardiologists must hold certain advanced certifications in addition to their standard medical degrees. If you know the nature of your heart problems, looking for cardiologists who are trained in and have extensive experience with those problems and their treatments makes sense. If you are searching for heart disease treatment in Delray Beach, one of the plusses to consider about South Palm Cardiovascular Associates is the multi-disciplinary nature of our staff – we have a range of professionals who can draw upon each other’s specialized experience to better serve patients.

• Communication. One of the most important factors you should look for in a cardiologist is how well you get along with them. Do they ask you questions about not only your own health history, but that of your family? Do they listen when you answer, and ask further questions based on your replies? Do they speak your language – at SPCVA we pride ourselves on being able to serve our Spanish-speaking patients as well as we serve our English-speaking patients. You should feel comfortable with your heart specialist – enough to ask him any question you have, and feel comfortable with the answers.

• Referrals. When you have developed a “short list” of possible cardiologist candidates, ask around among your friends, families, and other medical professionals you know. And if you can, find out what the cardiologist’s current patients think of them, and what their treatment experience has been like. For example, if you are considering SPCVA, see the “Patient Stories” section of our website at

We are considered the best heart doctors in Boynton Beach for many reasons. One of them is our emphasis on treating the “whole person,” and not becoming over-focused on one set of symptoms of treatments. Our medical staff – Dr. Michael Metzger, Dr. Andres Ruiz, Dr. Gustavo Cardenas, and Dr. Charles Harring, III – are all recognized experts in their fields. Our team of support providers and office staff are equally well-trained and professional, and are dedicated to providing every patient with a pleasant and productive experience. To find out why we have the excellent reputation we do, give us a call today at 561-515-0080 to arrange for an initial consultation.

Cardiologo Hispano Boynton Beach

We speak Spanish, too. So whatever your preferred language, give us a call, come to visit us, and bring us your questions. We’ll be happy to answer them.

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