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Some of the Best Vein Doctors in Palm Beach Discuss Painful Varicose Veins

Best Vein Doctors in Palm Beach: Painful Varicose Veins

The other day we met a new patient who was finally seeking vein treatment in Palm Beach for varicose veins she had had for some time. When we asked why she waited so long before seeing a Florida vein specialist about her condition, she said, “Well, my mother had varicose veins and when I asked her about them she said I had no choice but to live with them. What she didn’t tell me was how painful it would be to try to live with them. So here I am.”

We explained to this patient that her mother’s advice was probably based on the state of medicine when she first developed her varicose veins. Back then, the only effective way to remove varicose veins was a surgical procedure called vein stripping, which involved going into a hospital, undergoing general anesthesia, and then having a surgeon make incisions and literally scrape away the diseased veins with a scalpel. This procedure required long recovery times, and often resulted in scars that were almost as unattractive as the varicose veins had been.

We told our patient the truth – that most people in that era probably preferred to live with their varicose veins rather than go through all of this, and to them that meant living with the pain the swollen veins caused as well. Then we told her an even more important truth – that today all of this was unnecessary.

Modern vein doctors can eliminate varicose veins and their pain easily

Modern vein treatment in Delray Beach takes advantage of discoveries in the field of interventional radiology and minimally-invasive surgeries. Instead of having to apply anesthesia and make large incisions, modern vein doctors can insert a tiny catheter (smaller in diameter than the needle used to give you a flu shot) into a diseased vein and treat it from the inside. The doctor may then inject a sealing liquid to close the vein or use heat or electrical energy to cause it to collapse. The collapsed veins are then absorbed into surrounding muscle tissue while nearby healthy veins take over the job of routing blood back to the heart.

When the diseased veins are gone, so is the pain that came with them

The pain associated with varicose veins is caused by two things. One is the increased sensitivity of the swollen veins themselves – leave them untreated long enough and the skin covering the varicose veins will begin to change color and become brittle and will thus be more prone to injury. Small scrapes that would have hardly been noticeable before varicose veins can quickly turn into open, bleeding leg ulcers that refuse to heal. Another factor that causes pain is that the vein disease that caused the varicose veins in the first place is crippling your circulatory system and causing your legs and ankles to swell. This swelling can become so painful that some patients trying to “live with” varicose veins can barely walk any more.

But the good news – as we explained to our new patient – is that all of this is unnecessary. You don’t have to try to “live with” varicose veins and the pain they cause. You can walk into a comfortable treatment room in the offices of some of the best vein doctors in Palm Beach, undergo a procedure so painless that most patients don’t even ask for a local anesthetic, and walk out with your varicose veins permanently removed…all on your lunch hour. Yes, it may take a few weeks for the last signs of the varicose veins to fade, but the pain begins to go away almost immediately.

So if this sounds like something you’d be interested in, pick up your phone and call South Palm Cardiovascular Associates at 561-515-0080, so we can get started on your path to healthier, more attractive, and pain-free legs.

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