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South Palm Cardiovascular Associates Announces New Guide to Angina

April 26rd, 2014. Boynton Beach, FL. The Boynton Beach heart doctors at South Palm Cardiovascular Associates is announcing the publication of a new guide designed to educate the public about angina. The Boynton Beach, FL based cardiovascular center explains that angina is a common type of chest pain that may be a sign of serious heart issues. The center hopes the information it provides can equip patients to understand when they should seek out medical care for chest pain.

Dr. Michael Metzger, Dr. Andres Ruiz, Dr. Charles Harring and Dr. Gustavo Cardenas, all leading Heart Care Specialists in Boynton Beach, explain that angina is often caused when an area of the heart does not receive enough blood. “Patients with angina often feel pressure or a squeezing sensation in their chest. While angina itself isn’t a medical condition, it can be a sign of coronary heart disease.”

These leading Boynton Beach Vascular Doctors encourage patients to consult with a doctor if they experience any form of unexplained chest pain. While lifestyle changes may be sufficient to control angina discomfort, it is crucial to determine the underlying cause in order to rule out a more serious condition.

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