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Vein Treatment in Palm Beach: Why the VeinGogh System May Be Better Than Laser Treatment

Spider Vein Treatment in Palm Beach: VeinGogh or EVLT?

“State of the art” is a rapidly moving target in the world of venous medicine. Only a few years ago, because endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) was so effective in removing large varicose veins, it was assumed that it would be equally effective when removing smaller spider veins. And in many cases, it was.

But EVLT came with its own set of problems when treating the smaller spider veins. The lasers used to treat vascular problems are very expensive and had to be set up precisely to deal with multiple skin types. If this was not done, because the area heated by the laser beam is fairly large, there was a possibility of minor skin trauma to healthy skin in the vicinity of the spider veins being removed. Some patients with high skin sensitivity complained that EVLT treatments sometimes left areas of irritated skin that felt as if it had been sunburned.

Medical progress marches on – enter the VeinGogh System

VeinGogh – officially known as the VeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System – is a new alternative to laser and pulsed light therapies that provides a better alternative for the removal of small varicose veins and spider veins. Like EVLT, VeinGogh removes damaged veins by delivering a pulse of energy that coagulates the blood in the vein and causes it to collapse. But unlike the fluctuating waves of energy emitted by lasers, VeinGogh delivers a microburst of high frequency energy to the tip of a probe smaller than a human hair. The heat emitted by this tiny probe is more precise than that emitted by EVLT lasers and dissipates more quickly, heating only the area directly under the probe. Surrounding tissues are not affected, meaning that the possibility of over-treating an area or creating skin trauma is almost non-existent.

Other advantages of VeinGogh over laser vein treatment in Delray Beach

Laser treatments are sometimes perceived as painful by patients. In contrast, insertion of the hair-thin VeinGogh probe into a vein is nearly painless – patients describe it as being like a small “pinch” or as if someone has plucked out a hair. Also, because there is no danger of skin trauma due to over-treating, a larger skin surface can be treated in a single session, meaning that far more spider veins can be eliminated at once than can be done with EVLT.

As with EVLT, results are permanent – once the diseased veins have been closed, they collapse and are automatically absorbed into surrounding tissue. Within a few weeks there are no signs of them, and no signs of scarring because of the more precise application of heat. Many patients require only a single treatment, although follow-up treatment may be required if new spider veins appear. Add all of these advantages together, and it becomes obvious that VeinGogh is a valuable new vein treatment in Palm Beach.

How do I find out more about VeinGogh?

Here at South Palm Cardiovascular Associates, we’re proud of our ability to stay at the cutting edge of new vascular care technologies. Give us a call at 561-515-0080 so we can also schedule an examination during which our expert Florida vein specialists can determine whether VeinGogh would be an appropriate treatment for your spider veins or small varicose veins. The best vein doctors in Florida will also be happy to answer any of your questions and explain how the treatment works in more detail. There are also informative articles about VeinGogh and many of the other state-of-the-art treatments we offer at our website:

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